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Technology for next generation windows

Natural light is essential to our emotional and physical wellness. It provides an array of benefits, from productivity to better sleep, so in 2010 Kinestral was founded to explore an innovative way of harnessing sunlight.

Our goal was threefold. Give people the ability to control natural light. Reduce glare and heat. And lower energy consumption.

Kinestral has succeeded in creating a technology that is changing how people live and work, as well as

revolutionizing the construction industry. Halio™, the world’s most advanced smart-tinting glass, is responsive, intelligent, and a beautiful architectural element. It transitions automatically or on-command from clear to fully tinted in less than 3 minutes.

With Halio™ architects, designers, and builders have a more versatile element for windows, skylights and interior walls to create homes and buildings that are comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable.
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