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The sun has always been an inexhaustible source of energy, available to all, environmentally friendly and, above all, absolutely free. Kloben is an Italian Company that sets itself in the worldwide energy market as a precursor in the use of solar energy in thermohydraulic systems, reducing the consumption of traditional sources of energy, whilst respecting and protecting the environment. Kloben, the first Italian manufacturer of vacuum solar collectors, offers solutions dedicated to the production of sanitary hot water (using forced and natural circulation) and complete systems for radiant heating backup, able to combine well-being and money saving in the most effective way. A quick and efficient assistance completes the safety of long-lasting results over time. Kloben Solar Evolution guarantees your investment and ensures you the maximum money-saving, from starting the project up to optimizing the systems according to your specific needs, thanks to feasibility studies performed with calculation systems among the most sophisticated; the result are "tailored-made" systems, suitable to supply the correct energy according to the real needs and climate data of each area. Kloben Solar Evolution supports you in every steps of the installation of its High Performance systems: project with feasibility study and consumption estimate in relation to your area and your energy needs consulting and assistance in order to obtain any financing and facilitation available installation and setting of the systems with specialized Kloben staff pre and after sales service.
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