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kl.tz design

Architects from kl.tz design 29, David street Chambly (Québec) J3L 2E2 450.403.1060
Our workshop proposes designs that are both refined and creative where concepts strive to find the right balance between “really beautiful” and “really practical” so that a simple place transforms into a living environment. All stages of a project, from precise space planning, to the selection of suppliers and materials, to budget management, are handled by the same person, to ensure cohesive and organised progression for each project.

There is a series of important decisions to make from the first idea to the end result. We are talking about dreams and dollars, therefore vision, budget and, above all, the best ideas are required to respect this.

« A project is a conversation with a beginning, middle and end that enriches itself as it moves forward. »

Our living spaces mirror our working method: solid foundation, clear themes and clean lines through which the warmth of human relations flow. Our work starts with planning that leads to a design proposal, then onto project implementation and works supervision, until the very end. In summary, we start at A and work our way to Z.

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kl.tz design
kl.tz design 29, David street Chambly (Québec) J3L 2E2 450.403.1060