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Konior studio

Konior studio

Architects from Damrota 22, Katowice, Poland
Architecture is an inspiring atmosphere and beauty. It is the passion of creating for people in context of time and place, nature and culture.

Konior Studio is an architectural office founded by Tomasz Konior in 1995. We design putting a man on the first place in context of time, place, nature and culture. The Studio is based in Katowice with a branch office in Warsaw. The team consists of about twenty architects. The most challenging and the most complex of our projects was the realization of the seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice with a unique, world-class concert hall for 1800 music lovers and a 300-seat chamber hall. For the team the most important and at the same time the most valuable in architecture is its connection with a city – the way a dense urban tissue creates diverse places as well as atmosphere and identity of public spaces. A good continuation and a constructing tradition allows to create a coherent city which meets the needs of its users.
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