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Veneta Plastica Company was founded in 1958, to provide services to care for our Enviroment. The company began exporting to the global international market in March 2000. Its products can be found in many European, American and Australian cities. Since January 2008, after 50 years of honorable activities Veneta plastic became LAB23. Rapid development and growth has been achieved through the vision of a young professional managment team, who every day study and design solutions for waste recovery and recycling, using high quality raw materials in the fabrication of our special design of containers. Our leading products include trasparent TUBES for the collection of used batteries, old mobile phones and ink jet cartridges. The expanding range of LAB23’s products are meeting the demand today, for the necessary segregation and collection of special and hazardous postconsumer wastes. LAB23’s head office is in Venice – Italy, but it has also a subsidiary in France and many distributors and costumers around the world.
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