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Låda Cube

Architects from 101 Canary Lane, Grand Junction, CO, United States
In 2013 Låda Cube set out to change how we use and think about our walls.

Fueled by our belief that traditional stick-built walls consume needless time, energy, and resources, we set out to develop a better technology. We couldn’t be more excited about the results!

We created a wall that is infinitely flexible and allows for rapid modifications of spaces, a wall that is transportable, a wall that is cheaper, and most importantly, a wall that is beautiful.

Låda Cube Demountable Insulated Panels (DIPS) reduce build-out times 60% compared to traditional stick-built construction. Additional savings are realized in reduced build-out costs, elimination of expensive demolition, and the ability to easily reconfigure and build-out spaces within hours. DIPS possess high sound attenuation, resulting in a quiet and pleasing environment necessary for uninterrupted work, relaxation, and general living.

The unique design addresses the balance between the spaces you need now and the spaces you will need in the future. Låda Cube walls can be ordered in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your needs. Our fully self enclosed units bring integrated walls, ceiling, and flooring, each with a variety of options to fit seamlessly with the layout of your existing space. Walls come pre-channeled for “plug and play” electrical and IT as well as “plug and play” HVAC options.

A key feature of Låda Cube products are an impressive variety of interior and exterior Låda Skins which provide custom surface finishes that are easily installed. They are also easily demountable allowing for design updates, upgrades and relocation.

They are also a good financial choice. Our walls also qualify for 7-year tax depreciation under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System and are classified as “tangible property.” By comparison, conventional stick-built construction is depreciated over 39 years. Please consult with your accountant or local IRS/Government office.

Decrease your consumption of your financial and physical resources while allowing for organic growth and sustainable planning of your spaces. Make your walls do what you want. Make your walls beautiful. Make the switch to Låda Cube today.