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Architects from Haagsteeg 4, Wageningen, Netherlands
For our design approach, the user of the design is as least as important as the program of requirements. It is all about how someone will be able to use and experience it, whether a person experiences a feeling of wellbeing.

A draft is in the service of mankind and thus functional, practical and sustainable. We design with the welfare of the user in mind. So, for example we provide them freedom and shelter, we want them to feel at ease. To achieve this, the connection to the social and physical environment plays a major role. We therefore also find the integration of public space or landscape, wit our designs, is important. In this way, a design arises that only fits in that specific place.

Design process
Our architecture arises from four different perspectives:

comfort, experience, connection and sustainability.

Comfort is about functional ease of use, such as an appropriate and logical plan. Functional solutions, good architectural details and a happy and healthy indoor climate are also part of it.

Experience has to do with the emotions and feelings that the draft evokes. A building must ‘touch’ the user or visitor. This is achieved by factors such as detailing, materials and colours. But fragrant and tactile aspects play a role as well.

Connection with the physical and social environment is a fundamental factor for the welfare of the user. Therewith a building will be used for quit some time and is not moving for decades. The design should fit well or respond to the environment.

Sustainability is an integral part of the design. Therefore, we design within the philosophy framework of Cradle to Cradle. That means that we design our buildings so that the materials are in use of the building and healthy for the user. At the end of the lifecycle of our designs they are not a waste to be thrown in a landfill r be burned at an incinerator, because they can be reused for something else. We can use them as raw materials is a circular process, to keep their value and have less negative impact on the environment . The user is not a polluter anymore .
Cradle to Cradle is not only an ultimate sustainability concept, but rather a new economic model and business concept, because Waste = Food = Money (read more).

Another form of sustainability we obtain by designing so that the design can do more than initially conceived. Because they are flexible in use, reclassification or destination. Besides the connection to the environment, we strive to make our designs also add value to the neighbourhood level. Which gives the whole setting more significance or character. When people are get attached and love the building, it is this love that ensures sustainability.
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