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Invitation to touch! LAMA concept Design brand creating high quality products for use in architecture and interiors. LAMA profiles with sustainable products, produced industrially and finished by craft. Innovative materials and products with a ‘human touch’. LAMA designstudio Our designstudio is specialized in concept-development, material- and productdesign for interior-architecture. Part of this development has led to our own product line: the LAMA collection. We work closely with many distinctive architects, interior designers and companies like Airbus, Landrover, Google or W hotel to customize colors, sizes, shapes and materials to their projects. Also, more and more brands consult our knowledge and experience in the field of concept-development and design. LAMA collection We offer a number of options to positively influence your interior with elements that can be as subtle or as prominent as one wish. Our award-winning “Cell” carpet has evolved from an experiment into rugs, wall coverings, art panels and room dividers. The application of new technology such as LED affects the atmosphere of a room more or even can guide your way. Our complete collection is designed and engineered at the Amsterdam-based studio and produced in the workshops of LAMA or by selected manufacturers in Europe. Different techniques are used, from low-tech craft to high-tech 3d printing. The experimental and non-conventional approach to design and materials, particularly textiles, allows for an innovative and flexible product line. Research & Development Regularly, we research and experiment with materials, self-initiated projects, to continue to develop ourselves, test new techniques and find new solutions for applications in interior architecture. A number of these designs are coming on the market; others are waiting for a new project in which they can be applied. Contact us for your bespoke projects to co-create new products, new applications, develop materials or collections.
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