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It is Lambert’s philosophy, through great care, a lot of attention to detail and perfect craftsmanship, to fulfil a basic need of man: his desire for individuality, honesty and harmony in his own environment. High-quality furniture which radiates emotions and sensuality, unusual interior scenarios and exclusive accessories facilitate a completely new form of wellbeing and the identification with the home.

Since its foundation in 1967, Lambert has been creating unique characters which in living rooms are much more than mere items of furniture. The lively interior inspired by journeys to foreign countries and remote regions, transports human cultural assets and tells thrilling stories of almost forgotten traditions. In the compiling and manufacturing of intercultural collections and the feeling for repeatedly stimulating living concepts, Lambert offers convincing quotations and surprising new interpretations of various styles, epochs and design orientations. Extraordinary in the use of forms as well as in the material mix and thus wonderfully unmistakable.

As a custodian of traditional arts and crafts from the most diverse cultures, time and gain Lambert lends the Modern new forms of expression. Thanks to the decades of experience in the combination of original materials with contemporary design, Lambert has exerted a strong influence on today's living worlds with its “Crossover”, “Between the Artcrafts” and “Manufacturing around the World”.

Lambert is more than an international brand for holistic living scenarios: “What is the soul of Lambert?” It is the personal room in which one prepares oneself for wellbeing, in order to live the way one likes. It is the person who surrounds himself with beautiful things and with them allows his living room and habitat to grow according to his own personal wishes – like a second skin and yet with total freedom of movement. And it is the whole world of individual interiors, the decoration and the accessories which thereby inspire him.

In short, the soul of Lambert is the person who wants to live differently to others. With creative ideas, Lambert lends him the wings he requires.
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