Lamberti Décor
Lamberti Décor

Lamberti Décor

Manufacturers from Britannia House, Junction Street, Darwen, Italy
Lamberti Decor´s collections focus on stimulating design and precision craftsmanship in metal. Lamberti Decor is your gateway to the Amalfi coast.
Manufactured in the city of Cava De´Tirreni, the Lamberti family has been working with metal for almost four decades collaborating with architects, industrial designers and interior decorators.
The Lamberti tradition is now being enhanced by the next generation with an introduction of fresh and original designs to furnish and decorate a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Our Products
Our Offices
Lamberti Décor Darwen Headquarters
+39 041 961825
Britannia House, Junction Street, Darwen, Italy

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