Lamboo Technologies LLC
Lamboo Technologies LLC

Lamboo Technologies LLC

Manufacturers from Litchfield, IL, USA
Lamboo is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of full architectural product solutions utilizing one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet, bamboo. Since 2007, Lamboo has taken its initial development of structural and exterior grade products and expanded its technology into a variety of other architectural, building, and OEM product solutions.

Now for 2018, we focus on continued expansion of our in-house capacities, new product developments, project support, and technical services that our valued customers can take advantage of when integrating Lamboo into their projects & product solutions.

Lamboo is not only our brand, but our product as well. Engineered and designed for architectural, building, and OEM applications, Lamboo is the perfect alternative to typical lumbers and other composite building materials. Lamboo’s base material can be manufactured for interior and exterior applications as well as in multiple grain patterns to provide even more aesthetic alternatives per project or application requirements.

Lamboo products are made entirely out of 100% bamboo with specialized adhesives, binders, and treatments specific per the application. Key advantages include: High material yield, uniform lengths up to 20’, and ease of work-ability allowing installers, contractors, and other building professionals reduced time and cost in finalizing their project deadlines.

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