Francesco Mattuzzi, Gughi Fassino, Marco Destefanis and Michelangelo Filippi


LIVING NATURE ON TIP TOES The activity of LEAPfactory is based on the continuous research for design solutions that can solve the problem of infrastructure in the natural environment. Our aim is to think of the relation between man, nature and artefact in a new way. Our test environment is the alpine landscape. A new approach to the territory that aims to redefine the culture of dwelling, of workplace and of life. A symbiosis between environmental and energetic sustainability becomes for us a key design issue. We think it possible to regenerate the common vision of inhabited places with new solutions that respect the identity and the environmental and historic assets of the natural landscape. These solutions will lead to future changes by preserving, and even enriching, the great diversity and quality of the landscape that we have inherited from the past. All LEAPfactory products are entirely prefabricated and conceived for “zero impact dwelling” especially in sensitive natural areas that need to be protected, in remote locations with no road access or where traditional permanent foundations should be avoided. The complete reversibility of LEAPfactory products highly reduces their environmental footprint, permitting to live in full respect of nature. “The passion for mountains and the infinite wonderful natural sites of the Planet is the driving force that unites us with all the people that contribute daily to the work and growth of LEAPfactory. This is the energy that supports us in the will to experiment new chances of dialogue with Nature, our mother.” Luca Gentilcore, Stefano Testa
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