Lewis Dolin Inc
Lewis Dolin Inc

Lewis Dolin Inc

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With Lew's Hardware™, award-winning designer Lewis Dolin brings a world of experience – and a fresh look – to the decorative hardware market. Both the Bar and Barrel Series are simple geometric forms with a great deal of versatility in their application. His signature Glass Bin Pulls elegantly transform the classic cup-like bin pull, until now always made in metal. And form and function play off each other with the Level Pull. “I still do all my designing with basic tools — a ruler, triangle, and drafting pencil,” says Dolin. A combination ruler and level, here’s one pull with its own built-in measuring and balancing device.

Lewis Dolin received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the City University of NY, in 1975. He opened his design firm in New York City in 1980.

Over the years he has received awards for his commercial and residential projects as well as his signature product designs.

In 1988 he turned his attention to marketing and distributing the work of talented American designers, including Will Stone, Wendy Stevens, David Hess, David Zelman, and Michael Aram. Almost immediately he gained significant exposure for their work at the prestigious Accent on Design show.

His entry into the decorative hardware market is marked by the same simplicity of design and clean forms that have gained him a reputation as an original, talented designer.

Dolin's award-winning designs have been featured on HGTV as well as in the New York Times, Interior Design, This Old House Magazine, Home Makeover Ideas, Kitchen and Bath News, Food and Wine, Home Furnishings Daily, Restaurants and Institutions, Parade, and The Home by Susan Szenasy.