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LGA Architectural Partners

LGA Architectural Partners

Architects from 10253 97 Street, Edmonton, Canada
LGA Architectural Partners is an award-winning architecture firm with a diversified portfolio. We have been providing architectural services since 1989 and have a current team of 29 architects, including five partners and three associates, and an office manager. Our comprehensive consulting work in public and institutional sectors has proven our ability to find consensus while designing excellent buildings.

Our designs celebrate the many ways to live and work.
The challenges unique to each project are an opportunity to innovate, to be inspired and to demonstrate how good design improves people’s lives. We have extensive experience in talking to diverse client groups about their needs and a history of making architecture a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

We never lose sight of the context.
We know that buildings are part of a bigger picture — socially, environmentally and culturally — and aim to make each design progressive, sensitive and relevant. We use energy- and cost-efficient materials in inventive ways for results that are both design oriented and sustainable. Regardless of the size or type of project, our approach is always technically, aesthetically and economically well informed.

Collaboration is fundamental to our process.
We feel it is essential to generate ideas and work through problems together — in our studio, with our engineers, contractors and, most importantly, with our clients. It is a priority for us to establish and maintain good communication with everyone involved. Accountability, maintaining budgets and attention to detail are ensured by the continuous hands-on involvement of the partners for the duration of any project.