Manufacturers from Forststrasse 4a, Chemnitz, Germany
Lightobjects and unique walls are results of LICHTPAPIER (LIGHTPAPER) wich are fitting effectiv in a up-to-date interior design. Handmade high-quality paper or elegant wall plaster will be illuminated by integrated fiberoptics which emit their light sideways. Sculptures and Surfaces will be presented wich are crossed by vines of light and glowing from within. There is no idea of a classic lamp. Glued on a wall as wall paper or applied as a plaster surface is more like a merger of wall-light-picture or material-light-structure. The light objects will be created in cooperation with architects, lighting designers and clients and implemented competent.
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LICHTPAPIER Chemnitz Headquarters
+49 170 7070229
Forststrasse 4a, Chemnitz, Germany

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