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Lintec is a leading Japanese manufacturer in the field of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. We offer an extremely diverse range of products related to our adhesive coating technology that includes adhesive papers and films for labels, industrial tapes, window films, digital print media for graphic sign industry, functional films and tapes for automotive industry, tapes for use in semiconductor manufacture, and optically functional films. We also develop and manufacture a variety of equipment optimally designed for use with our label materials and tapes; included are label-printing machines, packaging machines and electronic equipment. Our comprehensive approach to both soft (materials) and hard (equipment) aspects of the business ensures a productive synergy, enabling us to cater to diverse customer needs in the adhesives market.

In addition, Lintec also develops and produces specialty papers such as color papers and functional papers for industrial use, and a wide variety of products in the field of converted papers and films, such as release papers, casting papers and impregnated papers. Lintec’s approach is to combine four key technologies to develop highly distinctive products unlike anything else available in the market.

The company name Lintec derives from “linkage” and “technology”, two key components of our business philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of close relations, inside and outside the company, and leading-edge R&D programs. By bringing these together to develop innovative solutions, we have established a reputation in Japan and overseas as a dynamic and reliable company that contributes to the prosperity of our stakeholders, to the growth of our industry, and to a brighter future for society as a whole. Underpinning all of our business activities is an unwavering emphasis on “Sincerity and Creativity”, the twin values enshrined in our company motto.
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