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Hannah Anthonysz
Liong Lie Architects

Liong Lie Architects

Architects from Sint-Jobsweg 30, Rotterdam, Netherlands
We believe design follows insight - into your brand, your vision and your strategic objectives. Only then can we set our creativity to work, to help you achieve your goals.

Of course, we’ll always deliver beautiful, striking designs. But our creativity runs deeper. Because our ideas reflect who you are, what you stand for and where you want to be, they produce powerful, lasting results.

We believe the only way for architecture to make an impact is through the power of a brilliant idea. We’re talking about ideas that no-one else has thought of before. Ideas that change the way you feel. Surprising ideas that overcome even the most complex challenges.

We not only come up with those ideas, we also make them work in the real world. And we continue to push boundaries in search of newer, better and smarter solutions for our clients.

We’re interested in ideas that help to sustain the world around us - entrepreneurial ideas that reuse our natural resources, reduce harmful emissions and bring more efficiency and creativity to our lives.