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L&M Design Lab

L&M Design Lab

L&M design lab was founded in 2013 in Shanghai China, with its business covering architectural design, interior design, urban design and furniture design. As one of the cutting-edge contemporary architecture studio, it is dedicated to finding a breakthrough and inspiration in the heterogeneous mix in Chinese cities, providing architectural solutions with the same time spirit and oriental temperament. L&M has completed a series of different scales and functions of design projects, including Shandong Yi Shan Zhu State Museum, Guizhou Yunshe tourism. Service Center, Shandong Sun industry commercial complex, Henan Zhenping city design, Shanghai Vanke emerald Binjiang interior design and so on.These buildings fit the base context and environment and have reasonable material and detail. L&M also win in many international competitions, Libo beer factory transform international competition, international competition of glass architectural design, AIM Architectural Design Competition and Wooden structure building design competition. The partners of the firm come from different educational backgrounds, China, America, Italy and Germany. It has diverse design concept and international perspective. With a keen sense of smell and accurate grasp of the characteristics to the urban social structure and historical environment and rigorous work flows and quality of service, its designidea is based on contemporary city and eventually will provide people with better life experience and space media.
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