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Local Studio

Architects from 157 Fulham Road, Brixton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Local Studio is an architecture firm based in Brixton, Johannesburg. The firm was founded by Thomas Chapman in 2011 with early commissions emerging directly from his Masters degrees in architecture (2008) and urban design (2013) at Wits University. Both theses explored the reintroduction of ‘publicness’ into the post-apartheid city, with the former Western Areas of Johannesburg as a case study.

Today, the firm employs 9 full-time staff and has a diverse portfolio of built work comprising several public buildings, urban design schemes and private houses. In every project, the firm endeavours to cultivate a symbiosis with the surrounding community and public realm. The firm also prides itself on creating beautiful architecture within considerable time and budget constraints. Current projects include the design of a pedestrian bridge in Westbury and a new cultural centre in Sophiatown.
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Local Studio Johannesburg
157 Fulham Road, Brixton, Johannesburg, South Africa