LOOK LIGHT Italian Design
LOOK LIGHT Italian Design

LOOK LIGHT Italian Design

Manufacturers from Via Antonio Gogavino, 3, Gravina in puglia, Italy
Production and assembly of “Made in Italy” led design lamp for Indoor-Outdoor furniture, both in fix and adjustable version with interchangeable led strip profile and adjustable light intensity, made of laser cut steel and hand-painted orwith special effect paints for the LUX LINE or with powder coatings for the ECO LINE.
The lamps, with an almost sculptural and unusual aspect, are not only a source of light, but being customizable templates, take shape and “life”, becoming part of a daily living and adapting to the taste and the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, while creating a pleasant atmosphere, almost magical and emotional (Indoor & Outdoor).
In addition to the production of serial lamps, LOOK LIGHT manufactures and designs Customized Projects and solutions of various types of equipment at customer’s request and need. Furthermore, the Company enjoys the collaboration of expert technicians and painters experienced in applying special finishes on any type of metal plate.
What distinguishes LOOK LIGHT and makes it unique is the design flexibility and attention to detail, from design to accessories,from the mere LOOK to the … LIGHT.

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