LUCA BASSANI design studio
LUCA BASSANI design studio

LUCA BASSANI design studio

Designers from n/a, Italy
Luca was born in a small town in the southern of Italy. He now lives in Milan.
He studied interior and product design at "Università Europea del Design" and at "Politecnico di Milano" from September 2003 to July 2009.
He is a great lover of everything that concerns creativity, interaction, communication and everything that needs a design approach. The pencil is his real love.
His personality type is creative but at the same time very rational. He is highly ambitious; has a strong sense of duty and is a complete aesthete.
During his work and study experience, Luca has had the privilege to collaborate with some of the Gurus of Italian design; the likes of Simone Micheli, Fabio Novembre, Daniele Beretta, Marco Lucchi..Studio D'Urbano Architetti Associati and Dante Benini Architects included. He has also had the experience of working with notable firms like 13 Ricrea, Veneta and Leader Cucine, Scavolini, Snaidero and Murphy & Nye.
His objective is to play with reality, to change the reality and everything that surrounds him, for the rest of his life.
Is he asking too much? He doesn't think so.
His mouse is really jealous of his sexy pencil.
But he doesn't like to talk about himself.