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Luca Curci architects

Luca Curci architects

Architects from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33, Bari, Italy
The quality of our life is strongly influenced by the architecture quality in which we live and that surrounds us. Our design is mainly based on the relationship between man and environment, and it’s represented by an architecture in which individual well-being and environmental sustainability are closely related.

LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS deals with architecture design, structural calculation, bioclimatic planning and green building, consolidations and restructuring, architecture and monumental restoration, urban design, leisure/sport spaces planning, furniture design and interior design and industrial design.

Luca Curci (Bari, 1975) is an Italian artist, architect and designer, graduated in Architecture at the University of Camerino, Italy. In 2006 he founded the architecture firm LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS which has realized several projects of residential buildings, private houses, villas, restaurants and stores. In 2007 he realized the detailed design of a footbridge built on the river Seine in Paris, and in 2011 he designed and realized different Apple stores in Italy. In 2012 he designed the “Tipico Italiano Fast Food Restaurant” European franchising and “Five Senses design hotel”, an exclusive five-room hotel, based on the five senses’ theme. With the project “Organic Cities” of 2013, designed for the United Arab Emirates, he deals with the theme of environmental planning and architecture sustainability.

His artistic research is based on the concept of hybridization, analyzed through video-art, performing art and virtual art. Some of his most important works are: “e-human” video, presented at Centre Pompidou of Paris in 2002; “still.alone” video, realized in 2004 in collaboration with 27 artists from Canada, USA, Argentine, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Indonesia; the video trilogy “Impossible” realized between 2004 – 2006 and presented at CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) and NCCA (The National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow); “The Empire of R-evolution” video, presented at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion.

In 2001 he founded International ArtExpo, an independent group of artists, which realized several international contemporary art events all-over the world. In 2004 he founded It’s LIQUID, a communication platform with over 100.000 subscribers, dedicated to art, architecture and design.

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