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The way light is used is evolving rapidly. Traditionally, space has been lit to help people perform tasks or create a certain mood but now the third dimension of light effects is coming to the fore; the targeted support artificial light can have on the biological rhythm. The right light at the right time improves wellbeing, provides greater powers of concentration and better quality of life overall.

LUCTRA® integrates these elements into everyday life using modern LED workplace lamps: individually adjustable, easy to use and timeless in appearance. LUCTRA® allows the user to retain control over optimum personal light quality – manually via the intuitive VITACORE® electronic panel, or using the app-controlled personal light profile.

The award-winning design integrates LUCTRA® seamlessly into modern office architecture. The high-quality finish of the German manufactured range confirms the LUCTRA® promise:perfect light for a perfect day.

Experience the LUCTRA® lamp range and let yourself be inspired by light in the third dimension.
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LUCTRA, 58636 Iserlohn , Germany

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