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Ms. Ketsiree Wongwan
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Lynk Architect

Established in 2008, Lynk Architect Co.,Ltd. is an architectural and interior design firm creating high quality of designed environment. Our mission is to provide the perfect solution tailored to the needs with high consideration of aesthetic and practicality. Broaden our experiences by lessons from the past as well as continuous researching and developing in material combinations and advance technologies, our designs emerge from thoughtful fabrication of all aspects, creating effectively support their specific spaces and functions. We also have strong direction to reach highest level of sustainability, minimizing wastes, providing users the most comfort with least energy consumes. “Every project is our best project”. As architects who have key roles orchestrating among transdisciplines, the toughest task is not to design but to make all documents become reality. With various challenges, for example budget and schedule, the project that will be “success” doesn’t need only experience from the team but also strong “passion” to carry it through the completion. That’s why we are here.
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180/1 SRINAKARIN rd. 44, PRAVET, Thailand