MAD arkitekter
MAD arkitekter

MAD arkitekter

Architects from Østre Elvebakke 7, Oslo, Norway
With a deliberate focus through a variety of projects, MAD has obtained a unique insight in how buildings best can release their full potential in close relation with their surroundings.

Made useful to humans by urban understanding

Just like you and I, buildings are social beings. And just like us, architecture cannot live and prosper unless it relates to its environment. We strive towards our ideal of creating architecture that adapts while maintaining personality and character; that blends in by standing out!

By recognizing the most important factors of each site’s urban fabric and social implications, MAD has cultivated the art of conveying this abstract essence into a formal response, maintaining both the building itself and its relationship to its context – be it a small infill-project in a crowded street or large buildings as part of an extensive transformation.

Because no matter which size, scale or situation, the bottom line is always the same: A building’s main purpose is to be useful to humans. And we believe the key to achieving this, is urban understanding.

MAD’s advantage lies in the unquestionable benefits we get when a multitude of different talents harmonize and unite in a common vision.

Our aim is to create unique projects that evolve from the dynamic and creative group that is MAD: Our practice is the sum of the contributions from each employee, and the key is to encourage each architect to release their full potential as professional and creative individuals – and expect everyone to take on the responsibility that follows.

We are proud to have created a demanding and socially rich environment that is constantly reflected in the enduring quality of our projects.

MAD works with a full range of architectural scales and fields, spanning from interior design to urban development, from feasibility studies to detailing and realization

Our portfolio includes residential, cultural and office buildings, as well as urban planning, and we remain curious and eager to expand in new directions.

Despite being a relatively young office, MAD has built a solid reputation for being a thorough and punctual firm that can be trusted to deliver what is requested. At the same time, we always seek to challenge the tasks we are engaged in – in order to use our expertise to suggest improvements and ensure that our clients maximize both the esthetical and commercial values in their projects.

At MAD, we have a clear policy to be ahead of the development and always seek to acquire the information necessary to suggest the most beneficial and up to date solutions to various environmental challenges.

The key to achieving sustainable architecture is knowledge. MAD is itself a carbon-neutral company, and we are determined to transfer the same high standards to the responsibility we have as planners, as we seek to create sustainable solutions in all our projects.