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Made Design

Designers from Pol. Ind. Molí d,en Xec. , Ripollet (Barcelona), Spain
We really hope you will enjoy this range of products as much as we have with their creation and development. The many years of experience gathered by Planning Sisplamo in the sector underwrite this new project, the outstanding feature of which is the original design. The whole group of designers involved backs up the fact that this is a first level project with a considerable scope.

The products have especially been conceived as complements for offices and facilities, and in order to make contract prescriptions easier, we have divided the range into different families according to their use or context. In each of this families you will find a variety of elements which, we hope, will fulfil all your needs. Each of the objects will enhance the architectural space that surrounds them. This is the actual reason for their creation.

But they are not only focussed on design. There are also other significant concepts: their environmental friendliness, provided by long-lasting products made of highly recyclable materials; the manufacture with ideal materials; the ease of assembly and use; and also the ability to be customised. We want our designs to become your designs in any surrounding.

We are strongly committed to this project and we are looking forward to counting on your support to strengthen the project in the world of contract.
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Pol. Ind. Molí d,en Xec. , Ripollet (Barcelona), Spain