Manufacturers from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
In 2007 the company maigrau was founded. Our goal is to produce innovative and high-quality lamps, and home objects. Products from maigrau are now distributed by over 300 hand-picked sales partners in Germany and Europe, and they may be found in private living spaces as well as professional offices.

Timeless design | Long life
maigrau stands for a timeless, simple design, with everything reduced to the bare essentials. Supreme quality in design and manufacture ensures that our products are sustainable and have a long useful life. Our lamp fixtures and other objects are there to make a statement, and can be considered classics even at their young age.

Focus on fine materials I Made in Germany
maigrau produces in Germany and works in cooperation with a number of innovative craftspeople. For our products, we rely on lumber sourced from woods in Germany, and give preference to natural, renewable materials. The decidedly green approach of maigrau also extends to the packaging, combining a maximum of eco-friendliness and safety with the best economy of space.
Holistic view | Awareness

With Germany as its manufacturing base, maigrau can rely on an efficient transportation infrastructure. We also aim for a zero carbon footprint in logistics and ship our products with DHL GOGREEN. Our products are packaged disassembled, which guarantees safe shipping and ensures a low impact on the environment. Our products are optimised to make assembly as quick and easy as possible.

maigrau partners | Service & customer satisfaction
maigrau places great importance on the long-lasting nature of its relationships with distribution partners, as well as on providing the best customer service possible. The maigrau brand is exclusively represented through our extensive distribution network. Together with our partners, we offer the best possible customer service to architects, business and private customers, etc.

Responsibility | Identity
We demand from ourselves a maximum of commitment to the environment and to sustainability on all levels. Our cooperation with selected manufactures is a contribution to the future of traditional crafts and trades. All of our electricity comes from ecologically sustainable sources.

Awareness | Social commitment
Through the sale of its products, maigrau supports a foundation. In cooperation with this foundation, maigrau plants ca. 1000 trees every year. We believe that being aware of people and nature, and treating them with love, is the basis of a fulfilling life and for responsible action.
“We find happiness in ourselves – maigrau products shape the room around it.”
maigrau lamp fixtures and objects – created and manufactured with love, to meet your needs for design and sustainability.
Thank you for letting maigrau be part of your space and your time.
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