Evolution Design
Peter Wuermli
Evolution Design

Evolution Design

Architects from Samariterstrasse 5, Zurich, Switzerland
Evolution Design is an internationally recognized Swiss architecture and design studio with offices in Zurich and London. Every of our projects - whether it‘s a pioneering workplace design, functional residential building, a campus masterplan or a simplistic sports hall - starts with fresh thinking, which leads to a solution that is tailor-made for the specific end-user.

We have developed unique research methods and survey tools to find out the practical and emotional needs of our clients, which we translate into functional, lasting and meaningful design that brings value and joy to clients and users.

The strategic direction of the practice is set by the founder and executive director of Evolution Design Stefan Camenzind and his partners Tanya Ruegg and Marco Noch. Together, they are the driving force of the continuous evolution of the practice.

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