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Map Slate

Manufacturers from Via Gallinaria 14, 16047 Moconesi (GE) Italy
The italian slate manufacturer Map slate started in the Fontanabuona Valley, the cradle of the ancient slate working tradition. This unique, special material is still quarried today by skillful, expert miners who have inherited from that tradition the passion, the determination and the tenacity. Slate sheets are worked and split into layers of different sizes and thickness with the aid of a simple chisel, obtaining natural cleavage with surface that are delicate and almost urea to the touch, whereas in fact they are hard, impermeable and highly resistant.

This is what makes slate so fascinating. Its versatility means it has unlimited application possibilities ( paving, flooring, roofing, cladding, furnishing ) maintaining in each of them all the natural qualities, beauty and solidity of the original stone.

Map slate specialises in slate flooring, cladding and roofing and besides traditional Fontanabuona Slate, offers a vast range of different types of slate and stones from other countries: Black slate (which does not discolor with prolonged exposure), Green slate, Multicolor slate, Sea-grey slate, Purple slate, Quarzite, Sandstone.
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Via Gallinaria 14, 16047 Moconesi (GE) Italy

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