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Ebben Tree Nursery
Ebben Tree Nursery

Ebben Tree Nursery

Ebben Tree Nursery has been active since 1862 as a producer of trees and other plantings for the realisation of various types of green projects. Every year, we load about 3500 trucks with green products that find their way to projects in 28 countries all over Europe. Our trees can be found in cities, parks, business parks and private gardens as well as in zoos and around palaces, hospitals and government buildings.

We give identity to the living environment

From our vision on greenery and tree cultivation, we give identity to the living environment and contribute to climate adaptation. With a versatile collection of trees for every conceivable application, we transform every greenery project into a great outdoor space. As a knowledge partner, Ebben also contributes to a broad view of sustainable green applications in public spaces.

Know-how to grow

Our love for trees and greenery stems from the desire to contribute to a liveable future for people and animals. After all, trees and other forms of greenery have a direct impact on the environment, such as the climate, residential perception, property value, aesthetics, health and general well-being. Attention to innovation in colours, textures and applications is an important starting point in our tree nursery. We cultivate sustainably and with respect for the environment, making our trees strong and resilient for now and the future.

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