Marc Boutin
Marc Boutin

Marc Boutin

Architects from 100-205 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Canada
We practice architecture because we believe in its capacity to materially enrich the world in which we live.

We work at multiple scales and in a wide variety of physical and conceptual contexts, but always with the objective of developing robust and resilient designs that can adapt to their environments as they evolve.

We commit to designing holistically because we believe the world can only be understood as a whole; consequently, we focus on a creating a density of meaning that emerges through the synthesis of art, architecture, urban design, and landscape design.

Collaboration is central to our identity: it resonates as both a philosophy that structures our design process, as well as a practice for engaging the broader ecology of spaces, places and actions that together define the contemporary built environment. We use this comprehensive approach to work with clients, sub-consultants, contractors, and many others to develop and deliver architectural, urban, and landscape design excellence.

The ability to collaborate with a wide variety of clients and co-creators has helped us build a diverse portfolio of work that has been recognized with national and international awards, competition wins, exhibitions, and publications. Some recent projects include: a variety of custom residences in Alberta and British Columbia; Poppy Plaza, part of the Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory; the Edmonton Valley Zoo Children’s Precinct; the Calgary Public Building Restoration; the Civic District Public Realm Strategy; the John Fry Sports Park Pavilion; and the 1st Street SW Underpass Enhancement.

Together with our clients, we embrace the rich potential in architectural practice for the discovery of innovation and the manifestation of intention - the creation of value in all its dimensions.