The combination of hand-crafted quality with the latest cutting-edge technology. The Marchi Group is a firm that is strongly anchored in the work of expert craftsmen, and expanded in recent years with the introduction of latest generation technology and innovative production methods. I like to take visitors on a tour to see the plant that covers an area of over 15.000 square metres; I like to show them our new production lines, designed to achieve maximum quality, minimum waste, and environmental protection. But working alongside the latest technological machines are our master craftsmen, who hand finish the small details, providing the distinctive character and the personal touches that can be seen on every piece that leaves our plant. This dedication is shown in all aspects of their work, the painstaking effort, the fervour shown in creating each element, the attention to detail, right through to the satisfaction of admiring the completed piece. Hundreds of people working with the same commitment. Today the Marchi Group employs hundreds of people, including specialised wood-workers, technicians, control and management personnel, logistics and warehouse staff, as well as designers, engineers and managers. Each of these people plays an important part in carrying on a tradition that has always been the key factor of our company: creating top quality kitchens, the impeccable combination of a timeless traditional style and the evolution in new materials and project design trends.
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