Marco Costanzi Architects
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Marco Costanzi Architects

Marco Costanzi Architects

Marco Costanzi Architects is an Italian full service firm with broad international experience in commercial, residential, hospitality and yacht design projects. Over its thirty year history, the firm has established a reputation for design excellence and rigorous project management in the realm of new construction, restoration and interior design. During the entire design process, from initial concept drawings through construction documents, our goal is to deliver consistent quality oversight and impeccable execution. The firm’s underlying philosophy is to incorporate multiple components and multifaceted applications in its design aesthetic. Our methodology is based on acute attention to details with respect to the context in which the project evolves, informed as it were by a continuous process of experimentation and research. In order to achieve unique and innovative solutions, mock ups and scale models assist in the understanding of physical space and environmental context. This multidisciplinary approach during the design process is always in response to the needs of our clients.
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