Marion Friedmann Gallery
Marion Friedmann Gallery

Marion Friedmann Gallery

Manufacturers from N/A, London, United Kingdom
Originally from Austria, now based in London, I work as an independent curator for design and material culture, working across the museum, gallery and exhibition fields for different clients as well as pursuing my own projects and working as a tutor.

In September 2011 during the London Design Festival [17-25 September] I launched a pop-up gallery for design and the crossover realms of design and art, which will have a special focus on designers from Latin American countries.

Some of my main objectives are engaging in research, providing expertise and connecting different players within the creative areas with businesses and institutions, consequently creating exchange and platform structures, as well as promoting design and designers.

My other area of interest is the research of different cultures and places through their material world. I like to explore the design discipline in a wide context – in looking at how design is embedded within history, sociology, economy, science, art and contemporary culture. My interest in design is informed by the extraordinary as well as the mythologies of everyday life. By the exceptional and experimental as well as by a cultural context, where design refers simply to productive existence of the human being, to space and interaction, to the thingly phenomenons of the everyday designed environment.

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