Materia Modular
Orlando Fonseca
Materia Modular

Materia Modular

Architects from n/a, Porto, Portugal
Matéria Modular, with his headquarters in Porto since his foundation in 1999, is a company that provides multidisciplinary services related with architecture, which is his main activity.
The satisfaction of the actual promoters, the recognition of the intervening entities during the construction of our projects, and the recognition of the national and international publications are the principal positive reflections of the work realized by our company.
This brief summary of our company has to underline with special pride the initiative “Solidarity for Architecture”, that is a part of our strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Matéria Modular’s technicians and the companies and entities that cooperate regularly with our team, has a culture of constant innovation and a multidisciplinary sensibility in the act of elaborating a project.

2010 Members:
Adelino Pinheiro, master architect
Jorge Teixeira de Sousa, consultant
Maria Matos, master architect
Pedro Ribeiro, architect
Zita Torres, architect
Joana Vasconcelos, management assistant