Manufacturers from Giussano, Italy
matteograssi’s lyfestyle concept involves beauty, refinement and quality.

rich in experience and know how in the industry, it has relied on refined materials such as coach hide and soft leathers, that have been developed in more than 130 years of history and craftsmanship.

currently matteograssi has a strong leading role in the furniture industry.

this has been achieved with great emphasis on italian style. creativity, fine manufacturing, a strong passion in making the product, and an almost obsessive attention to details, including the choice of the finest materials, have all led to leadership in this sector.

beauty is matteograssi's philosophy, which expresses itself thanks to vast experience and the ability to maintain the highest quality over the years.

the products are very versatile, and can be adapted to different spaces such as home, office and collective areas.

matteograssi is successfully renowned on the market. it offers many proposals aligned to modern taste and, at the same time, maintains historical products that are still up to date, and considerably appreciated throughout years.

matteograssi’s distribution is global, with particular penetration in the far east, southeast asia, china, uae united arab emirates, u.s.a , africa and latin america. in europe it is present in countries such as italy, france, germany, spain, and switzerland. while dubai, singapore, shanghai and mumbai are strategic locations for matteograssi's decentralized branches.

the future of matteograssi foresees further development of the minimal/basic idea. it flows into a rich and elegant style that emphasizes refinement of the design. this without sacrificing an ongoing commitment to the search for innovative methods, while enabling the company to achieve more prestigious targets