MDC Wallcoverings
MDC Wallcoverings

MDC Wallcoverings

Manufacturers from 1200 Arthur Avenue , Elk Grove Village, United States
MDC is one of the world's largest sources of commercial wall designs and coatings. The company is headquartered in suburban Chicago, Ill.

MDC stepped into the industry as a family-owned business almost 50 years ago. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, it has become the wall designs leader in the United States. Today, the company provides a broad array of products that suit the aesthetic preferences and functional needs of clients in the hospitality, healthcare, education, government, corporate and retail/store planning arenas. MDC’s sister company, Winfield Thybony, serves the high-end residential market.

MDC’s portfolio includes eco-friendly products, digital imaging solutions; paint/coatings; hand-crafted wall designs; dry-erase coatings; decorative wall panels; luxury textiles; foils; grasses; woods and vinyls. The company is known for its ability to produce solutions that meet the needs of the design community.

MDC has earned a reputation for innovative products, value and service. As an example, the company was the first in the industry to recognize the creative potential of digital solutions and bring them to the market. MDC is actively involved in product research and development, as well as the ongoing and extensive training of their associates. These two efforts keep the company in the forefront with new materials and technologies, and MDC’s team of sales representatives is known to be among the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Always a leader, the firm offers a portfolio that evolves continuously
As interior design tastes and trends evolve, so does MDC’s portfolio. MDC has a range of products that help their clients achieve their goals.
Leading-edge digital techniques can transform an ordinary surface into a unique reflection of a company’s brand image.
The designs of well-known interior designer Candice Olson are offered to the U.S. commercial wallcoverings market exclusively through MDC.
MDC is the exclusive provider of IdeaPaint®, which turns a smooth substrate into a dry-erase surface.
MDC is the exclusive national source of Bolta, Genon and Len-Tex wallcoverings.

Eco-friendly products help clients meet their sustainability goals
Today, sustainability is a top priority in the commercial construction, renovation and design industry, as is the desire to create an atmosphere that fits the purpose of a given space. MDC is incorporating materials into its portfolio, including products that:
Provide the durability, cleanability, tensile strength and tear-resistant properties of Type II vinyl wallcovering, in a non-PVC construction.
Are made with 20% recycled content, including 10% post-consumer. These products divert waste from landfills and are:
Low VOC emitting – Complies with CA 01350
Recyclable –Reclamation Program
Meet the strict requirements of the NSF/ANSI 342 standard for wallcovering sustainability.
Contribute toward your LEED project points.

MDC is equally committed to protecting the environment through the company’s internal operations and processes, including on-site recycling and conscious conservation of energy.

Today, MDC has more than 70 outside sales representatives in five regional offices. They are supported by a staff of approximately 75 corporate associates in MDC’s suburban Chicago, Ill., offices, as well as a worldwide distribution network.