Medusa Group
Medusa Group

Medusa Group

Architects from 35 józefczaka street, Bytom, Poland
Medusa Group is an interdisciplinary design studio established in 1997 in Silesia by PrzemoŁukasik and ŁukaszZagała. Over the past twenty years, the team of its young architects has significantly expanded their scope of activity gaining specialised experience and becoming one of the most recognisable project brands in Poland and abroad. Practice is located in two cities in Poland: Warsaw and By tom and is active as Medusa London Limited in London.

Medusa Group has won over 20 competitions and has been awarded over 30 prizes, as well as three nominations to the prestigious Miesa van der Rohe award.

The office is involved in urban and architecturalprojects in different scales. From master plans for new or refurbished development, through skyscrapers and huge office parks and residential projects up to individual housing and object design projects.

What really makes the Medusa Group stand out is its ability to develop designs which correspond closely with their immediate environment and come within budget. Close cooperation with artists representing different arts yields this architecture house an absolutely unique character. Thanks to projects such as the Maximum showroom in Castellarano, Italy, the Infinity Pool House in Jamaica, residential estate in Vallencienne, France, New York Tribeca apartment or refurbishment of an old industrial building into creative office space in London, Medusa Group has been successful expanding its activity to international markets.

Since 2007, this Medusa Group has designed and delivered over half a million square metres of space.

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