Designers from Brno, Czech Republic
Meduse Design Ltd. – manufacturer of Meduse shisha pipes – was founded in 2005 in the Czech Republic. With launching the first collection called “Craft” we laid the foundation stone of the worldwide trend – a new category of shisha pipes was born – design shisha pipe.

Thanks to the unique design, huge amount of hand work and precise work focusing on the smallest of details Meduse shisha pipes belong to the absolute top class to be found and smoked from in whole shisha world.

We ourselves carry out all stages in the processing of our unique shisha pipes - from the graphics and industrial design, through development and prototyping to the manufacture and finally distribution including the complete shisha catering service.

Apart from the development and manufacture of water pipes we also concentrates on the shisha serving manner and its quality. For our franchise partners we have developed unique fruit cocktails which enhance the shisha pipe smoking experience dramatically.

The very tobacco component, which influences the resulting flavour most distinctly, is based on a mix of several flavours and thus is more rich than the classic „single flavour“. Nevertheless, the fruit cocktail composed of mostly fresh fruits, herbs and spice can influence this final flavour significantly.

Either it emphasizes the fruit flavour contained in the tobacco mix, or the cocktail brings new flavour components and thus enhances the resulting Meduse shisha experience. We call our unique recipes Tobacocktails.

Recently we started our own brand of water pipe tobacco called Meditè. The main merit of the Meditè tobacco are natural aromas which guarantee a pure and non-chemical taste. We do not add any artificial colourings to the tobacco, so that its natural amber colour has been preserved. The result is an exclusive product for real shisha gourmets packed in compelling packaging.