MenoMenoPiu Architects
MenoMenoPiu Architects

MenoMenoPiu Architects

Architects from 21, rue Faubourg St Antoine, Paris, France
MenoMenoPiu Architects was founded in 2011 by Alessandro Balducci, Emanuele Salini and Rocco Valantines.

The strength of the team lies in the mix of different areas of expertise mastered through the single competences and varied experiences of each of its members. Each one of its founders brings to the agency the eclecticism of his unique vision of architecture seen through the lens of passion: knowledge of materials and structures, image development, history of architecture and urbanism, and technical drawings production.

The shared creed is « minus times minus equals plus », that is, getting to the heart of things so to unveil and extract its quintessence and turn it into a project. The essence reveals itself and it is then defined thanks to a thorough research of its own distinctive context in all its aspects. The environment is thus the fundamental aspect of all the project studies.

Sustainable development, the quality of urban integration and the respect of the program are the priorities that shape our work.

Since its creation, MenoMenoPiu participated in 12 international competitions and received the honorable mention for the New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. These experiences prove the ability of the team to promptly react to projects of great scope and their strength as well as their responsiveness in creation and production.