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Mensch Made

Mensch Made

Designers from Frederik van Eedenplein 1 , Eindhoven, Netherlands
Every product has a front-end and a back-end. The front-end is what you see and feel. The back-end is the way this product has been made; who made it, where, from what material and under which circumstances. We believe that intelligent Design pays equal attention to the back-end as it does to the front-end.

Mensch Made produces interior products, accessories and gifts with respect for people and planet. We combine experiment with stylish design, craftsmanship with technology and high quality materials with modest looks. The making process always plays a central role. In an honest way, with talented and motivated craftspeople that make the most of the materials used. In this way we can offer you intelligent, beautiful and affordable products that make everybody involved - the maker, we and you – happy.

Who and where
Mensch Made has been set up by Doreen Westphal and is situated in the centre of Eindhoven/ The Netherlands.

If you are interested to retail our colection please ask for B2B catalog and price list.
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Mensch Made Eindhoven
Frederik van Eedenplein 1 , Eindhoven, Netherlands