Meuwissen bouwprodukten B.V.
Meuwissen bouwprodukten B.V.

Meuwissen bouwprodukten B.V.

Manufacturers from Waarderweg 122, Haarlem, Netherlands
Since 1954, there are at Meuwissen Industrie in Haarlem developed and manufactured products for Building and Industry. What started as 'The Dutch Tar and Asphalt Factory' has become a very modern and well equipped company, that its right to exist from products based on the technology of extrusion coating and laminating.
Since its inception, the focus of the company for growth, product development is quality and its relationship with its customers, who largely determine the product range. Thus rode include the inventor of the first generation damming / vapor permeable. Also, a product like Alkreflex® (insulation by reflection) comes from the kitchen of rode. Approximately 50 million square meters technical foil leaves per year, after a rigorous quality control, factory and finds her way to steel mills, the corrugated industry, professional packers and to a large extent to the construction sites in the Netherlands, England, France and other European countries.
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