m²ft is an architecture practice established by Flavio Martella and Maria Vittoria Tesei based in Madrid and Rome. Our approach relies on the awareness that architecture has to be able to consciously dialogue with contemporary issues and events, providing critical proposals and solutions that promote an enrichment of the current condition. This constant relationship with the current scene allows us to identify numerous scopes of intervention on different scales, which range goes from furniture design to planning on a more urban scale. We engage a broad range of activities including public and private design, urban planning and theoretical research, lectures, temporary architectures, ephemeral interventions, exhibition design, residential and domestic solutions. In m²ft, the continuous research of the relationship with the social, economic, political, gender, artistic, territorial and landscape context allows to produce architectures aware of the real needs. We believe it is fundamental to take into account that today everything is radically changed, and constantly changing. Our mission is to be an active part of contemporaneity, and to find a strong point for developing new solutions, insisting on the critical role that architecture and urban interventions contribute to a shift of boundaries between public and private, domestic and urban, space and time, significantly improving people’s quality of life, creating vitality and rediscovering architecture's nature as a generator of life, before places. m²ft carries out in parallel an intense research activity, both academically and professionally, that constantly supports and characterizes its work. This helps to explore the contemporary condition from different points of view and with different tools allowing to achieve a completeness that can better integrate m²ft’s work in the current context, but which can also use this context to empower architecture to influence and interpret society.
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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy