Drawers from Ul. Grodziska 21/3, POZNAN, Poland
Mikada is a design company that focuses on long-lasting cooperation with clients, who seek professional and innovative solutions for theirs businesses.
Our team consists of architects, engineers, graphic designers and specialists from various industries. This allows us to better understand the tasks we undertake. In our work we rely on our extensive experience and make sure that the professionalism of the services we provide translates into customer satisfaction.
Because the design process is computer-aided, it can be flexibly planned. The conveniences offered include all stages of building process: from land and building surveying, through preparing conceptual design studies,to presenting the results of the designers' work to customers in the form of photorealistic visualizations. One of our goals is to help clients to achieve the desired results by using cutting-edge technical solutions.
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Ul. Grodziska 21/3, POZNAN, Poland