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MIKAMI Architects

MIKAMI Architects

MIKAMI Architects is a team of experts consisting of architects and technicians centered on the architect Mashiko Kazuhiko. Our responsibility is to provide useful value to the society through the practical design of the building and contribute to the improvement of the social environment and the promotion of cultural development. 

We has designed scores of public architecture all across Japan and won numerous prizes for them. We has built over 40 educational institutions, including public libraries, and has worked on a wide range of designs from interior design to furniture. All of our designs make the best use of intuition with regard to Japanese architecture and, on top of placing functionality at the forefront, both structural and organizational beauty characterize our work at MIKAMI Architects.

3 offices
MIKAMI Architects
3-4-36 Ōmachi, Ōmachi Building 2F, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
MIKAMI Architects-Kyushu Office
3-14-31 Ekimae Chuo, Sunfield Saga 401, Saga City, Saga Prefecture
MIKAMI Architects-Tokyo Office
1-1-1 Higashiueno, O&K 1.1.1 Building 4F, Taito Ward, Tokyo