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M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd

M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd

M:OFA is a design practice, based out of New Delhi that was established in 2007 as a team of highly trained & determined Architects & Planners with a global vision in Architecture Design , Urbanism and interior design. At M:OFA, architecture is treated as a living organism that changes, adapts itself and responds to every change around it. The architectural organism is a store house of energy where the energy resources are conserved and recycled to sustain itself. Every project throughout its lifecycle undergoes multiple layers of planning, design & realization. At M:OFA, every project is taken through these processes of back and forth through various simulations, case studies, exhaustive research, discussions and applications. M:OFA Studios specializes in Master-planning, Institutional, Recreational Clubs, Infrastructure projects, Housing, Residential and Retail / Offices. For additional information, please visit www.mofastudio.com.
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