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MOTIV architects inc.

Architects from 637 E 15th Avenue Vancouver, BC, Canada
MOTIV Architects Inc. is Tracey Mactavish and Asher DeGroot; friends and colleagues for many years, they bring over three decades of design experience in Vancouver and around the world. They founded MOTIV with a common passion that thoughtful design connects people and transforms communities.

We are intentionally community focused.
We believe that no person or project exists in isolation and that caring about a place requires acknowledging and leveraging dependencies on the bigger community. This requires taking the time to understand inherent potential of people and projects and to utilize the kinetic energy specific to a project to effect change.

MOTIV works with educators, community leaders, community organizations and non-profit groups to develop designs that are a direct response to community need. We are also drawn to people and projects that are pushing the boundaries of innovation - and are looking for like-minded collaborators who actively pursue solutions that take a different path than the status quo.

This includes education buildings – colleges, schools & children’s spaces; First Nations community projects; churches and spiritual spaces; community centres and gathering spaces, cultural buildings and arts space; rural and farm-based buildings and planning; affordable and supportive housing.

We make architecture accessible.
At MOTIV we think good design is for everyone and want to make it accessible—both physically and economically. We make it tangible for under-represented populations and rural residents, seeking out work in remote places, understanding the challenges of design and building in such locations, be it rural West Africa, or the western coastal communities of British Columbia.

We are collaborators.
With our clients and our colleagues, we are co-creators. Understanding our clients’ aspirations, vision and constraints is critical to our success. Our best projects are a reflection of an enjoyable process. We truly value working with people and we look to draw out the best talent of the entire project team.

We are change instigators.
Our designs reach beyond walls. Every building has a ripple effect and we consider each project in a wider context. We think about how the space will affect the community and we are cognizant of the broader environmental impacts. Our projects are the core from which change can happen - whether they are fostering civic engagement, new learning, spiritual connection, enhanced empathy or family bonds.

We create sustainable communities.
Our portfolio—past and present—is unified by a common thread: everything we do is designed to foster thriving, enduring communities. Whether it’s a farm market, city hall, community school, art gallery or a mixed-use development, we design space that unites diverse voices and brings people together. This matters to us because people matter to us. We want to help them flourish by creating spaces that nurture their health and well-being.
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MOTIV architects inc.
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