A product than can be found in every house of every kind since curtains exist is what we usually call “curtain stick” or “track” or “traverse rod” or “zineffa”, according to our country latitude. Practically speaking, it is what hangs a curtain, briefly it is a “non-product”, anonymous and without any color. Today, this view is absolutely obsolete; the “curtain system”, as this piece of furniture is today called in the field, has gained a completely different value both under the aesthetic point of view and under the functional perspective. In one word, it has moved from the backstage to the stage. Curtains have always been aesthetically important, but also sometimes too much intrusive, in particular in past times when strata of heavy and damask draperies were used. They revealed austerity and severity; at that time what was used for actioning the curtains was not important. Today everything is minimal, fabric is even more considered an empty interpreter of the light and its “hardware” component acquires significance as to it making the window the protagonist, so it is no more an anonymous piece of furniture but a design object for which there is an impressive and of high quality offer. Mottura is the product leader in Italy, it offers a wide range of articles which develops itself in two parallel product lines, the first one is “Classica”, the collection of classical, on stile or for high range hotel and catering industries furnishing, and the second one is “Futura” , a provocative, extremely current and aggressive pure design proposal, where the textile component is destined to be complementary to the product. “Qbox”, a design product for soft shade curtain system, is the leading expression of this aspect of the product. On the contrary, referring to the functional aspect of the “curtain system” product since the first approach, we will become aware that we are even more frequently in front of a complex product which is technically advanced but it is also particularly synergistic to the technological development which today involves house and community building, in particular what we commonly define home automation. We are talking for instance about curtain motorized systems that are today available also radiocontrolled and consequently they can be integrated also in home automation systems both by wire and by wireless. In the past , they were homemade systems and they were destined to very few wide uses such as sceneries or similar, while today they are present in residential finishing such as the electric shutters. Obviously, their aesthetic aspect has changed, as their continuous re-examination brought them to become at the same time functional elements and also aesthetic main characters. Specifically speaking, Mottura’s products are in the van from a technological point of view; Mottura offers last generation’s motorised systems with digital control for all kinds of curtains which have as their major characteristics silence and low consume. From these products to “technical blinds” the step is very short as nowadays pleated, vertical and rollerblinds are no more relegated to the only commecial building but they vigorously entered in the residential field. From here on, the necessity of having curtains with an even more updated and aesthetically integrated furnishing design has been added to the already existing essential roles of night darkening and temperature falling. This necessity makes these products real furniture complements, protagonists on the stage of furnishing.
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