MRG Studio

MRG Studio

Architects from Unit 5, Albion Buildings 1 Back Hill London EC1R 5EN, UK
We are a London-based landscape design practice who specialise in seamlessly integrating architecture, landscape architecture and horticulture. Our team is efficient and adaptable, bringing rigorous expertise and a nimble approach to every project.

We deliver bespoke schemes which are firmly rooted in context, with a fundamental understanding of how landscape and public realm can improve relationships, communities and wellbeing.

We draw from our wide-ranging experiences in the design of public spaces around the world. Our projects range from highly technical hard landscape to site sensitive planting design and beautifully refined internal landscapes.

For us, the creation of striking landscape designs should be sustainable and long-lasting and so we always ensure that our projects are settling in long after their completion.

Our Approach
We have a dynamic team experienced in architecture, urban design, landscape and horticulture, which enables us to produce carefully considered, well-integrated work which is always appropriate for its context.

In each case, our work is a well-researched response to each site's unique opportunities, constraints, uses, urban conditions, connections and microclimates, with integrated biodiversity, sustainability and water management. For us, every project must have its own identity, sense of place and be firmly rooted to the site's cultural and natural heritage.

We always take a 'long term' view on every project, rigorously testing the design at every step to ensure the outcomes are enduring and robust.
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MRG Studio
Unit 5, Albion Buildings 1 Back Hill London EC1R 5EN, UK