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OFFICE PROFILE NAUTA architecture & research is an international collaborative consultancy that produces architecture, urban design and cultural studies. Founded in 2007 by Maurizio Scarciglia, the office established a global dynamic ever growing network of partners and consultants. Up to date NAUTA’s team counts more than ten nationalities and countries of practice and collaborations with Spain, Italy, France, Germany, China, Serbia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Ecuador and Argentina. NAUTA investigates the human behaviours, in order to produce responsible design. MAURIZIO G. SCARCIGLIA Maurizio Scarciglia founded NAUTA architecture & research in 2007. He studied at TU Delft and at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, where he graduated with honors in 2002 with a critical project on the design of the XXIst century sustainable suburbias. His thesis was finalist in the “Archiprix International Competition” and exhibited at the Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey. Next to the architectural practice, he’s a teacher and researcher in urbanism and landscape at the TU Delft, where he developed a study on the evolution of “leisure” architecture from Hadrian ‘s Villa in Tivoli (Italy) to the contemporary resort. Previous to founding NAUTA he worked at OMA Rem Koolhaas as project architect for the redevelopment of the former Mercati Generali in Rome and on several other projects, among which the CCC Cordoba Congress Centre and the Goya Museum in Zaragoza, Spain. Scarciglia has been guest critic at the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Academies of Architecture and lectures regularly in several cultural institutions, such as the AIR foundation in Rotterdam, the SUPSI Lugano (Switzerland), The Shenzhen Urban Planning and Design Institute (UPDIS) and the South East University Architecture & Design Institute Nanjing (China). He is currently cooperating with the University of Quito, Ecuador, for a research about sustainable forms of tourism in the Galapagos islands. Scarciglia worked as editor for several architecture magazines, among which Metamorfosi (Italy) and C3 (South Korea).
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